The WhatGear team were invited to the @EGX event as official members pf the press. So they made their way to the Birmingham NEC in the early hours of the morning. In an attempt to be the first to check out what the UK's largest gaming event had to offer...but all did not go according to plan.

It was August 5th 2015 AV Dave & The GamesMaster set off on their way to Cologne, Germany to attend the Gamescom. Which is Europes largest gaming event. Having been shutdown when it came to press passes they decided to go bang on the door anyway. First stop stanstead airport...

The WhatGear team were invited to the exclusive press event for the launch of the Z5 smartphone! It was cool and we got some unique videos for you.

On 27th August/2015 The GamesMaster & AV Dave headed to the VR in a Bar event hosted by @VirtualUmbrella. The event brought together some of the finest minds in the VR industry bar. WhatGear were there and filmed the entire event. This is a round up video of Round 2 of VR in a Bar.

WhatGear attended the Homemedics/ Jam Audio / House of Marley Xmas in July event. It held in Holborn, London. We got to meet the Legendary chef Otto from the Famous Fat Duck restaurant. We also got meet a spokesman Mike from Jam Audio. Also we

Finally the whole Cape & Cowl exhibit is here, with full commentary from Troy 'The GamesMaster'. Check out this very UNIQUE event from Shoreditch, London, England. An exhibition reimagining the Caped Crusader's iconic Cape and Cowl headpiece. WB Games UK has teamed up with twenty contemporary artists and celebrities to celebrate the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Watch this EPIC @iFIT Challenge from WhatGear...Maybe the finest reviews known to mankind! The GamesMaster Vs AV Dave go head to head to see who can be more iFIT active at The Billet, Aldershot, England. Painful consequences loom for the loser! WATCH, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ;)

The Gadget Show Live returns to the NEC Birmingham on 8-12 April 2015 Back for its 7th year WhatGear got exclusive early access to the event! and nearly got to see the time machine! Check out this summary to Troy and AV Daves adventures from the day!

So I was kindly provided with press passes to the #GoTExhibit by SKY ATLANTIC. An exhibit of the genuine costumes & props from the world famous series! and other cool stuff! It was a great day! and thank you to my sister for being camera lady for the day!

WhatGear were in attendance at the MCM Comicon! This might be the finest Comicon coverage known to mankind! Big Thank you to everyone that chose to feature in the video. You are some of the finest MCM Comicon attendees known to mankind!

Virtual reality (VR) fans and developers headed over to the Loading Bar at 97 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BX for an evening in which they can sampled the latest demos of VR videogames and peripherals The GamesMaster was in attendance!

Never been to a REZZED event before? You should definitely check it out. Join Troy, AV Dave and Cartoon Charlie at the London Tobacco Docks for the Indipendent Gamer event of the year(in the UK) Keep an eye out for a speacial guest appearance from Rufus Hound! @RufusHound.

As promised WhatGear attended the 2015 BVE. Which is a TV & Film Industry event. No place for a new YouTuber...or is it? I had fun and learnt a few things. It was a great day, check it out! @BVExpo @WhatGearReviews

Apologies for poor audio in WACOM interview, mic was plugged into a headphone jack! hope it doesn't ruin the video to much, me some really great people...What an AMAZING event. Finest people known to man!

Action Starts at 13:05 Feel free to skip there now! This is the field test section of my Sony ActionCam review. What better way to test how well the Sony ActionCam works under fire, Than actually testing while under fire. At Zed Events 'The Mall' In reading.

WhatGear attended the exclusive GameForge press event at the Hoxton Hotel March 2015. We got to check out the latest version of the 'Orcs Must Die Unchained' game. Also the awesome games Hex and Sigils. We got to meet many of the the developers and got some of the finest interviews known to man....maybe.