World Of Tanks Beta Rolls On To Xbox One

The free-to-play tank combat game World of Tanks is available to download from the Xbox One Store from today.  The game will see both Xbox 360 & Xbox One players sharing a server meaning they will be able to battle against each other, also both systems will also share content updates.

World of Tanks is available as a free download to all XBOX Live Gold Members with additional in-game purchase options available. For Xbox 360 users who choose to upgrade to the Xbox One platform they will be able to carry over their WOT accounts game progress.

For those who participate in the Beta Weekend (11th July 2015 - 13th July 2015) they’ll receive a free M22 Locust Premium tank and Garage Slot, a x2 star bonus for that 3 hour period, Also players will receive an extra x2 star operation (Road to Victory) that will activate automatically the first time you log in following the official launch on 28th July 2015 for an entire day!

There is an additional bonus for players… If you download the game prior to the release you’ll be rewarded at launch with the exclusive Premium T1E6-X1, along with it’s own Garage Slot! The Beta is scheduled to start at 2pm PST according to Xbox Guru Major Nelson.