Iphone 6 - Marking their territory

Leaked iPhone 6s benchmarks defeat the Galaxy S6, sort of


Even though Apple has never been famous for wanting to start a spec race with any competitor, the company did pioneer certain technologies that Android OEMs are still in the process of adopting.64-bit processors would be a clear example of this, but we still debate how well Apple takes advantage of features like this one in particular. Many of us are curious as to how Apple plans to address this with the iPhone 6s, and today we learn more about it.

It seems that an iPhone 6s prototype was recently benchmarked by Geekbench, and even if this is not a final product, it does provide some insight as to what to expect. It seems that the Apple A9 processor that’s rumored to power these devices will be a tri-core CPU, and the benchmark results scored a single-core number of 1811 and a multi-core score of 4577. Both results defeat devices like the HTC One M9, which scores at 1232 and 3587 respectively, but this is a different story with the Galaxy S6. In the case of the Samsung’s offering we see that the iPhone 6s does defeat its single-core number of 1492, but the Galaxy S6 won the multi-core result with 5077. Obviously benchmarks don’t say much about real world performance, but the HTC comparison results are interesting, particularly because it says a lot about the Snapdragon 810 processor powering many of today’s flagships when compared to the Apple A9.

The rest of the leaked specs reveal 2GB of RAM, and the tri-core CPU running at 1.5GHz Apple A9 CPU. Let’s see if this ends up being the final configuration, as Apple is famous for last minute changes.