'Street Fighter 5' PS4 Beta is back

The players of "Street Fighter V" PS4 Beta need to be more patient in waiting for
their favorite game to go online with no limitations.

As most of the gamers know by now, serious technical problems were experienced by most of the online players. Because of this, Capcom decided to temporarily take the game offline for them to check how the game runs.

After troubleshooting the technical problems of the game, Capcom released the game online but only its partial features. According to Gamespot, there are players who enjoyed the game without too much trouble.

Capcom explained their reason why they only have to release the partial mode: "We are currently running an internal stress test on the SFV servers, which will help us get the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience and we'll share more information on the timing of the
official beta tests soon."

The official announcement is eagerly anticipated by the gamers for weeks now but the full version is still unavailable online.

Although many players have already tried the partial version like NeoGAF members, GameSpot members also reviewed the partial version by playing against the computer.

They reported the limitations they experienced and according to them, only four
characters are available; the two that were to be added partway through the beta aren't currently playable.

This partial version of beta online is necessary for Capcom to test the stability of the game program. GameSpot asked Capcom on the release of the full version; unfortunately, there is still no fixed schedule. The test of the program is being confirmed by the message that was
displayed on the screen when the gamer first connect to beta.

This test looks like an internal stress test. Capcom announced that it would extend the duration of the test. They postponed the beta indefinitely but vows to offer "a better experience for you with the future betas."