PlayStation Vita Prototype System Showcased By New Video

The PlayStation Vita console is far from being the more successful PlayStation console released by Sony, mostly due to the very low support by big developers and publishers. With Sony itself defining the system as a legacy system, at least in the West, it seems like the console won’t be receiving any big release from Western developers. Still, the console is a very good handheld, with more than a few good high profile games as well as several indie games having been released since its launch in all regions

If you’re among those who have purchased the console and are interesting in how it evolved from its initial  development stages, you may be interested in a new video which has been shared online a few hours ago byAssemblerGames. The video showcases a PlayStation Vita prototype system which looks quite different from the final version, with a design that closely resembles the PSP Go one. According to the video, the PlayStation Vita prototype system also featured an SD card slot which allowed the use of regular SD cards instead of the proprietary Sony memory cards as well as several other nice features that were later removed from the final version of the console. You can take a look at the video right below.

The PlayStation Vita has been originally announced at the PlayStation Meeting 2011 with the Next Generation Portable codename. The console received its final name during E3 2011, with Sony revealing all the details on the console, pricing and more.

The original PlayStation Vita model released back in 2012 isn’t the only model that’s been made available in all regions. A second model, the PlayStation Vita 2000, coming with slightly different dimensions, improved battery life, shorter rear touchpad width, a microUSB port and an LCD screen in place of the OLED screen of the original model, has been released a while back.

Another version of the PlayStation Vita system has also been released recently in the West. The PlayStation TV allows players to play PlayStation Vita games as well as compatible PSP and PlayStation classic games on a TV screen as well as play PlayStation 4 titles through the Remote Play feature. Originally the PlayStation Vita TV only supported the Dual Shock 3 controller but a later patch added Dual Shock 4 compatibility, making the PlayStation Vita TV an even better solution for Remote Play.