Leaked photos of New HTC Aero/A9?

HTC have promised a new “hero product” in October, there have been a number of rumours floating around on the internet about a new high-end smartphone being dubbed the HTC Aero or HTC A9 and details about this smartphone are very scarce. However, a supposed photo of the device is currently has surfaced online. The photo in question bears a striking resemblance to the  iPhone 6.

Taking a second look at this device does bear a resemblance to the HTC One M9, the trouble is as manufacturers keep on churning out these phones on what seems like ever tighter time scales  the individuality of smartphone design appears to be fading and  more and more phones tend to look the same at first glance.

So to sum up we remain sceptical about this leaked image and suspect it could be a fake as it is really very poor quality either way we are going to have to wait  until more details emerge.  

Source: 9to5google.com/