Sony's UK Division Twitter-Tease Of A "Smartphone With Greater Focus"

Sony has been know to match up their flagship smartphone release schedule with the Berlin's IFA trade show and this year it appears that is no exception.

Sony Xperia's UK division posted a teaser photo on Twitter on Monday "smartphone with greater focus" included was a statement saying all will become clear on Sept. 2 which is two days before the official start of the 2015 IFA Show.

The photo that was attached to the tweet was a very very blurry image, but it shows what appears to be a Sony smartphone taking a photo of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Based on the tweet and image it's not clear if Sony will be announcing a new flagship phone or perhaps a photography based smartphone, although it looks pretty certain it will be sporting the Xperia design.

There have been no other comments from Sony on Twitter or from their press office so we will just have to squint at the blurry photo for a couple of weeks until the official announcement is dropped.

 - Fingers crossed for a Flagship model!!