Leak - iPhone 6S Camera and beyond?

According to the latest leaks from sources close to Apple strongly suggest that the soon to arrive iPhone 6s will now feature a much improved rear camera.

The current round of lenses found in the  iPhone 6 incorporate five individual lens elements, according to Business Insider Malaysia a person within Apple's supply chain has said that a new five-element lens is being produced, and it is reported that it is designed to work with a 12 megapixel sensor which is quite a big upgrade compared to the 8 megapixel sensor found in current iPhone 6 handsets. The unnamed person also went on to reveal that a more complex six-element lens has also been ordered for a future undisclosed iPhone.

Each individual element in a lens enables further refinement of a image, this can also includes correcting unwanted distortions which can result in straight lines within a image appearing to be curved or bent. It also aids the removal of any coloured fringes which can appear at the edges of an uncorrected photo.

Simply throwing more elements into a lens doesn't necessarily equal a better picture so six-element lens isn't necessarily better than a five-element one. The number of elements required to achieve adequate correction will depend on such factors as the angle of view of the lens and physical size of the imaging sensor.

So news of a more complex element lens set up for Apple maybe a response to recent news that one of Apple's biggest rivals Samsung delivered a camera which many have claimed beats the iPhone's best efforts.

Source: forbes.com