LawBreakers Gameplay Reveal Trailer Launched

True to their word the official trailer for the Boss Key's freemium game Lawbreakers has now gone live, it shows off a level called Grand Canyon 2105 which at first glance appears a close quarters style level with some options to flank enemies around the outside of the level.




The first character we are introduced to is Kitsune who is designated as a Assassin class, I think I am safe to say this is the lightest class as she is shown dual-wielding a set of knives that even Crocodile Dundee himself would be approve of! This character also demonstrates the use of a an energy-based grappling line that can be used to swing around the side of the level and also used to drag enemies toward her in a similar mechanic to that found in the Arkham Knight games.


The next character Breacher who is designated as a Gunner and this appears to be one of the lightest arms class with a very cool looking mounted gun that swings out on a arm from his back and I think the Predator himself would approve of! He appears to be using a single shot pulse rifle and also shows off the low gravity jumping found in such games as the Halo.



As we continue we meet Maverick who is a Skimisher class and during this character's segment we get to see him using the Glide Kit which according to the Boss Key website was only intended for one character and allows for vertical attacks - I believe we now know which character that is! We also see some kind of vision/targeting mode for this character similar to the ability in COD: Advance Warfare (when you chuck a grenade and the enemy light up) which can prove hand in fast moving gameplay.

Finally we meet Cronos who is a Titan class and almost is certainly the heaviest class in the game, we see him demonstrate some energy based melee moves and he also utilises a rocket launcher and what looks like a single shot energy based Gatling gun. As he is the heaviest class I would assume he move slower than the rest, it takes a few more hit to drop him but that will be compensated by the power of his weapons.  

I am a little curious about the emblems the characters had next to their names as they were all different - perhaps it's something to do with clan based gaming? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below and if you are going to give it a bash, who knows you may come across myself or the GamesMaster on there.