Microsoft Isn't Putting The Xbox One On A Diet Just Yet!

There have been a few rumours flying around on the internet that Xbox is gearing up to announce a new slim version of the Xbox One or " Xbox One Mini" in the event hosted by Microsoft in October. However, Head of Xbox Phil Spenser has taken to twitter to stop that rumour in it's tracks.

So the statement by Mr Spencer should put rest to those rumours, but you should never say never when it comes to Xbox, there is always the potential that they could have one in the pipeline for next year (E3 perhaps?) or he could be bluffing for the benefit of their competitors.

I for one am not really bothered about slim/mini consoles, in fact I quite like the size my Xbox, kind feels like I got a bit more for my money! So let us know what you think in the comments below - would you like to see a Xbox Mini to be release, perhaps a one without a blue ray drive and  monster hard drive?