Slow Xbox Download Speed Issue

If you are experiencing really slow download speeds for app and game on Xbox Live, you are not alone.  Quite a few gamers have have been taking to Twitter and the Xbox forums to report the really slow speeds. Microsoft have responded to the reported issues saying:

"Hey, guys! We're currently tracking this, but we need a few things from you to help us out.
First, give all of the steps on our Troubleshoot Slow Game or App Downloads on Xbox One page a try. If that doesn't help you out, please post back with your Region, your internet provider, and a screenshot of the advanced settings page for your network here: Settings > Network > Advanced. We'll be able to pass that information along to the appropriate people and work on getting this resolved. :)"

So it seems that based on their response that they know there is an issue but are currently a bit unsure how to fix the issue. It was originally suspected that the issue was limited to European Xbox Live members but reports have been received from gamers on the other side of the Atlantic stating:

"It's not just a Europe isolated issue. (Unless I'm really lost.) I've been watching Gears download at the bits and kilobits per second ranges for hours now, while every other feature of the console runs fine. Destiny, Netflix, whatever It's not in the internet connection of the console or my modem, it has to be in their server (probably the game file host area)."

Despite the statement from Xbox saying they are tracking it they have not updated their Xbox Live Status page with the issue that so many are experiencing. And to top it all off the effects of the slowdown were felt in the WhatGear camp as the GamesMaster himself got lumbered with a very slow download of the public Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta, which meant we were forced to play game late into the night last night! Which did nothing good for my Kill to death ratios - well that's my excuse anyway!