Introducing The Kodak PROPIX SP360- 4K ACTION CAMERA!

JK Imaging Europe Ltd., the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Devices, has unveiled the extraordinary, evolutionary new KODAK PIXPRO SP360-4K Camera, the worlds first and most complete 4K recording device to capture stunning 360° immersive videos and still images without the need for multiple cameras.

WhatGear absolutely love the Kodak PROPIX SP360 so much so that we have started filming a number of productions using the SP360 and have some very exciting projects coming very soon, but I can't say any more on what's coming as it's all very hush-hush! The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera has received many outstanding reviews by the online community which is no surprise given that the SP360 is on the forefront of leading technology that has given YouTube content creators to ability to produce and share 360-degree videos with the world.

And it's not just the online community that have recognised the strides that Kodak have taken with this all seeing palm sized box of goodness, the SP360 has also been recognised by the online powerhouse Google for being one of only a very small handful of devices to support YouTube's relatively new support for 360-degree videos. Kodak have made it very easy for 360 content creators by delivering some free SP360 video editing software which enables video enthusiasts to transcribe any video created with the press of a single button to YouTube 360 degree format. This process has effectively given anyone the power to create Virtual Reality movies. This is something that WhatGear really believe in and expect to see become much more mainstream in the very near future thanks to companies such as Kodak.

As with it's predecessor the SP360-4K Camera capture 360-degree field of view in multiple directions via its dome shaped lens design and the 360-degree footage can not only be panned horizontally but also vertically making it a great option for use with the Google Cardboard. It is easy to use and it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket which makes it extremely portable. In fact AV Dave can often be seen wandering around with it swinging from one of his growing lanyard collection.

"The KODAK PIXPRO SP360-4K revolutionizes video recording and how you see and experience the World All Around You. This is the next step to Evolution for 360 degrees Cameras” said Mariame Cisse, Marketing Manager of JK Imaging Ltd. “You can now create the most pristine videos and photos in 4K and Direct and Act your own Virtual Reality movie” she continued.

Previously, 360° panoramic photography required users to possess advanced techniques and knowledge, specialized equipment and multiple cameras until JK Imaging released last year their game changing SP360 Action Cam and it changed the way we are able view the world. 

               Quad Mode from SP360

Innovations to the Quad Mode makes it a true partner as a Security devices and the flat magic mode allows Estate agents’ customers to virtually visit a property. The KODAK PIXPRO SP360-4K comes with a video conference feature and LiveView which enables participants to see in real time the world around them and be part of it. The SP360-4K Brings You Closer. Distance is no longer a limit.

The KODAK PIXPRO SP360- 4K has been designed and engineered to solve day to day challenges presented by professionals with the use of its split viewing 180-180 degrees as it can be used as a dashboard camera to record the subject and all around you.

The detail of the new 4K edition has been updated with a new sleek and stylish black design, it again comes enabled with NFC and WIFI enabled so it can be used everywhere and anywhere. It features a whopping 10 different viewing modes that bring images and content closer to the user’s fingertips, that will surely resulting in a very personal and professional experience.

One new feature we are very excited about is the custom-designed LiveView feature which allow users to participate in events on the other side of the planet if they so wish will keep the data extremely secure. It also comes with a motion detection feature so users will never miss an action.

Powered using a  BSI Image sensor, this enables high quality and high speed and will ensure better videos, with a 12MP BSICMOS sensor and advanced optics the new (and what is fast becoming a MUST HAVE for AV Dave) device help captures rich, detailed images in 4K(2880:2880), and added features also include time-lapse video, burst mode as well as 4K photos.

Like its predecessor, the KODAK PIXPRO SP360-4K comes with a wide range of attachments (over 12) from waterproof housing (up to 60m) to flat adhesive suction mount and remote control.