Mozilla Public Preview Of iPhone/iPad Firefox


Mozilla has aimed it's sights at the iOS market and has unveiled the first public preview of Firefox for the iPhone and iPad. The Firefox preview has been rolled out to users in New Zealand as the company wants to gather feedback from one point before rolling their new mobile browser globally.

There are versions of Firefox available for PC, Mac and also a slightly lesser known Android version, but as Mozilla are only now just moving into the iOS market place it's fair to assume they will have an uphill battle to win over users who are entrenched in their current choice of iOS browser.

So what's new in Mozilla's latest creation? Well there they have mentioned three new features so far, an Intelligent Search that lets you choose your default search provider and also provides suggested search results. There is a Firefox Account feature which allows you to sync your desktop Firefox passwords, tabs and browser history to your iPhone or iPad (and hopefully the other way round too!). The preview release also includes a Visual Tabs page that displays thumbnails of tabs you have open.

New features are expect to pop up over time based on user feedback as Mozilla preps for the worldwide release of Firefox. The public preview contains an option in the Settings screen through which you can send your feedback directly to the company.

If you would like to try out the Firefox browser there is a sign-up page that will notify you once the preview reaches your country.