The Next GOOGLE Nexus's - LEAKED - LG, Huwei

Plenty of rumours are suggesting that Google will release two new smartphones this year - and we might finally have a name for one.

Word on the street is that the next Nexus will  be called the Google Nexus 5X. Brought to you by LG, and the bigger handset by Huawei.

We could expect the release date to be around the 29th of September from the Google Play Store. That’s only a few weeks away, suggesting that an offical annoucement from Google will happen very soon. The estimated prices of the Nexus 5X could start at $399 for the base 16g model and $449 for the larger 32g model. 

These phones are particularly interesting to me, as sure the phone that can best utilize Googles software should surely be the official Google phone...right? What do you think?