The ONLY British 4K QLED TV - Cello 4K QLED 55" HDR Review

The ONLY British 4K QLED TV - Cello 4K QLED 55" HDR Review

The Cello QLED could be the best value QLED 4K HDR TV in 2018. You have got to check this out if you're looking around for a new TV. On top of that it is the ONLY Quantum dot technology TV built in britain. #BritishTech

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Google Pixel 2 Leaked!

Google Pixel 2 Leaked!

Word has been leaked via the underworld grapevine! The Google Pixel 2 is on the way... as well as a cheaper version. However we good see some significant upgrades. So check it out NOW!

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SONY MDR1000X - The best noise cancelling headphones?

SONY MDR1000X - The best noise cancelling headphones?

Check it out! I heard that these headphones maybe the finest known to man... Are these the best Active Noise Cancelling headphones on the market? I must admit the sound pretty amazing and I am a fan of the design.

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Xperia X Compact - First Look!

Xperia X Compact - First Look!

We got hands on with the brand new Sony Xperia X Compact at the #IFA2016 in Berlin! It looks pretty compact and pretty awesome to me. What do you think? 

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Devialet Gold Phantom

So Devialet have just launched a new addition to the Phantom range...Its the Devialet Gold Phantom. I caught up with Andy from Devialet to find out whats up with this new speaker. Check it out!

Verisure Vs ADT review

So are you trying to decide on which company offers the best security? is it Verisure or ADT ? Chubb or Verisure ? ADT or Banham ? Secom or Verisure ....? All of these companies offer home and business security, but who does it best? Who is the smartest company when it comes to response services? Well there is a lot to consider here. Lucky for you guys I have had the opportunity to get hands on with the Verisure Smart Alarm system which is new here in the UK,

Now while I would like to say I have been hands on with the Secom, ADT , Chubb and Banham security hardware...the truth is... it really hasn't evolved much over the last 20 to 30 years & quite honestly text message/phone call service is not quite what I would call cutting edge. Although they do offer app's to control the system which is pretty cool and has a good, a bad and an ugly reputation depending who you speak to. 

Anyway you might be wondering what is the new modern day smart approach to security? This video will explain everything. 

EA UFC 2 - Is it as real as it gets?

It's a WhatGear game review of the NEW UFC 2 game. Check it out! find out what I made of this new addition to EA's combat sports portfolio. Also check out WhatGear at the the UFC London event earlier in the year.

OnePlus 3 - Leaks & Rumours in another WhatGear Word on the Street #10

SONY A6300 Mirrorless Camera - Why it does't SUCK

Brand new SONY camera just announced Feb 2016. Discover what makes the A6300 great! * If you enjoyed this video we a have many more like this SUBSCRIBE now and you will be one of the FINEST subscribers known to Mankind! ...

Sony just announced at CES 2016 a new Hi Res Turntable with USB If you enjoyed this video we a have many more like this SUBSCRIBE now and you will be one of the FINEST subscribers known to Mankind! ...

SONY PS-HX500 - Record Player

Today I'm looking at the PS HX500 Hi Res Audio Turntable. Which Sony say has been refined and designed to combine School Vinyl with a digital interface.

Apparently there has been a resurgence of vinly perhaps it's because 'these sound better'(the Rock) maybe it's that crackle that adds a little je nais se quois to your music (la Haine) either Sony have gone out there to cater for this niche.

So let's talk a little about plain this looks. There really is nothing particularly that jumps out at you and says this is a premium bit of kit. Other than the Hi Res sticker on the front. I do like Sony products but I have to say if that sticker is the only thing that makes this look expensive what else does it offer that we can't see.

Well this Turntable can plug into to your PC or Mac via a USB cable and has the ability to capture your favourite Vinyl music in all its former glory in an option of file formats all the way up to DSD. Which is the same quality as super audio CD for those of you old enough to remember those things.

However if you think your getting away without installing at least some Sony software your having a bubble bath ain't ya. You will need Sony's software the good news is that it will be available on Mac as well as PC.

So if your looking for a record player and when I say record I mean Vinyl. Which has been perfectly balanced with shock absorbers and can been be perfectly aligned and tweaked, and that can record as in tape... As in record...which is like right click save as... Or you could just use it as a vinyl Turntable and plug it into an amp... and listen hear quick... if you enjoyed this video hit the like button, Subscribe and you will be one of the finest subscribers known to mankind!

SONY H.EAR G - SRS-HG1 - Wireless Speaker

Today I'm looking at Sony's new portable wireless Hi Res Audio speaker. What is Hi Res Audio I hear you say. One of my first videos was actually about that. It's basically 24bit sound as opposed to 16bit. Any way let's look at the key features and come back to that. 

This new speaker looks very much like Sony's old portable speakers. It's not exactly what you would call an out of the box design, and I say that because well it just looks like a box...but anyway.

Sony say H.ear go delivers extra base and has been designed with dance music in mind. And utilizes the S Master HX digital amplifier to deliver a rich sound via its 2 drivers and central passive radiator. With the power of actually Sony haven't specified this yet. But they say it could be equal to a knockout punch from....

Now listen here Sony say this the world's smallest Hi Res Audio portable speaker which it most probably is. Although there is just one question. Can you stream full Hi Res Audio to it? The answer is sort of. It has Sony's on LDAC which might also be a Klingon swear word. LDAC allows you to stream near Hi Res Audio quality transferring data at up to 990kbps via Bluetooth. Thanks to its WiFi capabilities the H.ear speakers can be added to your sony multi-room set up using the Sony Songpal app.

So if looking for a speaker for when your on the go. Which delivers a wider frequency audio than any of its competitors and comes in multiple colours, and supports multi room and LDAC streaming, and the power to last up to 12hrs. Then you might want to go and check out the H.ear go from sony

I got just one question can you get Hi Res Audio sound quality from single mini audio jack?