Blue Lola Headphones Review - 4 Reasons why you should buy

Sound Quality

blue lola sound quality
5 Star rating

The Blue Lola headphones are definitely one of the best sounding headphones that I have used lately. The Bass is deep and you really couldn't ask for much more. The highs and the mid frequencies have perfectly crisp clarity. At present these are my go to headphones for video editing. The Lola's impressive sounds quality is largely due to it's 50mm drivers. It's tight enclosures surround your entire ears & does a really good job of blocking out the outside noise. With some active noise cancelling headphones you will sacrifice audio quality, but with the Blue Lola's you really don't need ANC because of the design and powerful sound.


blue lola build quality

These headphones are definitely from Blue but they're black and they also come in white. The look and feel just blends with the entire Blue Microphones range of products. I've never owned a pair of headphones that look anything like this. The style is definitely growing on me. At first glance I thought these look quite mechanical and could possibly be uncomfortable...I was wrong. The earpieces are large and the padding is incredibly soft. The outer housing has the blue logo embossed in chrome giving it that expensive studio quality retro look. The hanger is quite unique & definitely not your average stereotypical headphone hanger. At the top of the frame it has a substantial amount of padding making these very comfortable. They are quite a large pair of headphones so you couldn't throw a hoody on over the top of these but I guess that's a minor issue, although it is something I like to do from time to time.


blue lola comfort

The way in which the Blue Lola headphones adapt to the shape of your head is quite amazing. Some headphones can really put a lot of pressure on the ears and jaw. These do not suffer with that problem. The movement and freedom you get from this unique headphone hanger is almost unrivalled. While the Lola headphones are very comfortable and offer amazing sound quality, I would say that these are best suited for home use or on your daily commute. They are not the best fit for fitness activities due simply due to its overall weight but this is a small price to pay for quality that they deliver.

Build quality

4 stars

These are one of the toughest headphones I have ever used. Everything from the metal adjustable hanger. To the earphone housing and luxurious padding & design. Everything just feels so well put together. There really isn't anything to complain about. If you decide to pick up a pair of these I would love to know what you think. Leave me a comment here or on my Blue Lola YouTube video. £ for £ I believe the Blue Lola Headphones are good sound investment.


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