Apple Store to stock Devialet Phantom!

Have you heard it? Its AMAZING news the Phantom will coming to an APPLE Store near you soon! 

If you have been following WhatGear for some time you will know that I am a big fan of the Devialet. In particular the space aged speaker that goes by the name of the PHANTOM. It is truly unique and I could go into a detailed spiel about it...but I won't because here is a video I made earlier...


This is a GROUND breaking bit of kit from a french company. Engineered to perfection. This really takes wireless speakers to a whole new level. If you get a chance to actually hear one of these I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

Devialet enjoyed this video so much so that I actually got invited to the exclusive press event in Shoreditch. Where we got exclusive access to meet developers and designers from Devialet. It was great experience and you know what... I think WhatGear might have some of the worlds only video content from that day. You might see pics elsewhere but nothing like this. I also got to meet the CEO of the company who didn't seem to like my Napoleon joke. I just wish I had prepared a few more questions.

Rousey Vs Holm Street Fighter Edition!

This is pretty much exactly how this fight went down! check it out!

As sony would say this one is for the players.

The GamesMaster & AV Dave return for day two at the UK's Largest gaming event. Join the team at the street fighter stage for an interview with Brian from Capcom. Make sure you ceck out we got some SFVI bandanas to give away :) #TheRage

WhatGear 4000 Subscribers...WOW!

Troy 'The GamesMaster' recaps the highlights since 3K subs * Check out what Syndicate & Jason Bradbury had to say about WhatGear So here it is 4k Subscribers! We couldn't have done it without you awesome WhatGear Legendary Subscribers. Many many thanks to all of you.

WELCOME to WhatGear Reviews Channel...Maybe the Finest Reviews Known to Man! My name is Troy I am new YouTuber! My aim is to keep you guys up to date with whats what in the Tech and Game world. WhatGear is here making sure you know Whats What.

What Gear reviews is proud to have finally reached 2,000 Finest Subscribers Known to Man! As promised this video includes a couple of tales from my days on movie sets. Check it out!

Finally we at WhatGear have hit 3000! I can't thank our subscribers enough for the continued support. part 2 : YOU ARE SOME OF THE FINEST SUBSCRIBERS KNOWN TO MAN! check out this video where I recap WhatGear so far.

Trafalgar Square London - 360 Video

Welcome to one of the first 'WhatGear Woz Ere' videos. This 360 video captured at one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Yes its Trafalgar Square right outside the National Portrait Museum. Check it out!



Ever wonder what Londons largest Comic Convention looks like? * Check out some awesome cosplay and what WhatGear got up to Watch this WhatGear event cover from the London Comic Con. We managed to get an interview with the Original and Legendary Bobba Fett from Star Wars!

Apologies for poor audio in WACOM interview, mic was plugged into a headphone jack! hope it doesn't ruin the video to much, me some really great people...What an AMAZING event. Finest people known to man!

Call of Duty Launch London Mayfair

Have to say I'm super happy they haven't overpowered the super powers. Check out this panaramic shot. Shot on my soon to be retired trusty note 3. That's just a fraction of what you WILL see in our 360 video.


Watch WhatGear Reviews! To quote Ben Collins The Stig, Rufus Hound The comedian, Jason Bradbury The Gadget Show Hos and now Syndicate the YouTube Legend of gaming!

I have a copy of thegame on PS4 if you want to challenge the GamesMaster leave a comment below and I send you my PSN gamer tag.

Keep an eye on . We will be doing some live game streaming and review and write also in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the latest call of duty? What would you say is the FINEST CALL OF DUTY title known to Man?

leave a comment!


HALO 5 GUARDIANS - Launch Event

WhatGear were in attendance at London's RoundHouse in Camden Town for the Halo launch! It was an amazing event check out what the GamesMaster (Troy) and Audio Video Dave (AV Dave) got up to at the RoundHouse.

Check it out its Jason Bradbury from the GadgetShow the UK's top Technology TV program! turns out our paths may have crossed many years ago on a gaming TV show back in the early nineties...small world!

Check out this Live pre-release unboxing from the Halo 5 London launch event, Camden Town at the Roundhouse! What comes with the Legendary edition? check it out...

Another WhatGear 360 Video Exclusive! check out the Halo Stage from the Roundhouse, Camden, London in 360! *Remember to pan around using you finger/mousepad/tilt*


4K Subscriber Video / Give Away Video coming soon...

There still time to enter the 3K Giveaway & The Bleacher Creature giveaway competitons.

Dave is holding out on the story when he left home to join the circus. So...I'm going to have to tell you the story about the time I was a German Soldier in WW1 and how I didn't get to me Stephen Spielberg.

Super Mario 30 Years a slave to your Nintendo - REFUGEE MARIO

Has we really seen thirty years of the happy little moustached plumber. Yes...yes it has. An overnight success it was as Master Yoda Might say, and if you haven't checked out our EXCLUSIVE 360 Video with Master Yoda himself you really should.

So Super Mario now thirty years old. What do you guys think about the progression of the character over the years?

What is your favourite Mario themed game of all time? Mine is Mario Kart and Mario Tennis on the N64. The 4 Player matches took Super Mario to another level.

While Mario has been a slave to the NINTENDO platform for so long. Do you think its about time nintendo give up the Ghost and allow the iconic plumber to feature in his own app based game maybe?

On the Subject of slaves, there are some people who may feel like that in their own countries and I came across this video...REFUGEE MARIO Pretty interesting take on the Asylum situation. Is this the best way to get your message across? certainly a little more light hearted than some of the other stuff I've seen lately, but it delivers the message just as well. What do you think?

WhatGear 3K Sub - FREEBIES

So...a while back WhatGear hit 3K subs with just 200 videos uploaded. We have travelled and reviewed many products. We have awesome followers and we would like to give something back to you AWESOME subscribers. Watch this video listen to GamesMasters tales from the set of the Edge of Tomorrow...enter the competition and win!