BOOSTY Review : How to speed up your Broadband


So here it is the BOOSTY maybe the best way to boost your broadband speeds. This interesting little device 'The Boosty' tethers to your modem and combines your mobile phones 3G/4G with your cripplingly slow deliver a more stable and faster internet connection.

However you should bare in mind that you may have limitations on your mobile data. So if you decide to try one of these out, should be sure to set a data limit cap. The boosty retails at around £69 and can be bought directly from . Stay tuned to for an exclusive interview with Paul the creator of the Boosty in the very near future.

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Sony Bravia X930D

Today I'm looking at the Sony Bravia X930d 4K HDR TV. Now finally Sony have come along and released a new Hero TV with the strength to carry on without the dare I might say...those hideous speakers.

Also something I spotted straight away. A much nicer stand which allows it to sit very close up to a wall and it also doubles up as a cable management system. 

For this new model flagship Sony have gone out their way to create a new 4K HDR logo. 

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For those of you that don't know HDR stands for. Its High Dynamic Range and its quite likely to be a term you hear a lot this year when it comes to 4k TV's. To explain HDR simply, A HDR TV can basically display more depth of colour and colour gradients and brightness. Sony are also boasting an expansion on the already impressive Triluminos colour gamut adding even more blues and greens this time around.

This new flagship has an all new Grid Array back lighting system. Known at the Master Drive which is not a console from the 90's. It is in fact a full backlit panel that Sony say can match the black levels of an oled screen. Some say Sony's new backlight system might be the finest back light system known to man, delivering 4000 nits of brightness compared to the industry stamdard 800 nits. And that they achieved this by having more backlighting zones than any TV ever made. With these zones this TV can be more efficient with its power management and deliver a level of incredible brightness which is tge achillied heel of OLED technology.

So if you're looking for a cutting edge 4K HDR TV with gold trim. That's comes with Google's latest Adroid M OS and recognizes 40 languages but unfortunaltly Kling on is not supported. Anyway as I was saying if you want a TV with a world's first LED backlighting system and is ulta slim and doesn't compromise on colours brightness. Then you might want to check out the Sony X930c and that won't be a problem.

But I got one question...are the on board controls any good?


Word has been leaked on the underworld grapevine! Its another SONY Smartwatch. Check out the new specs & What to expect in 2016. * If you enjoy this video and you SUBSCRIBED that makes you one of the FINEST subscribers known to mankind!

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So as Xmas comes closer you might be in need of some gift ideas. I have to say this is an old video so some of these gift ideas may have exploded and been removed from market. Others still seem like a cool gift to me.

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Apple iPhone 7s will have an OLED display

What is OLED? whats the difference between LED and OLED? Here is a really easy to understand guide of technology.

So word on the street is that iPhone 7s will be the worlds first ever iPhone with an OLED screen. What does that even mean? Well it basically means that you will see a significant improvement in picture accuracy, colour reproduction, response time and black levels.

As many of you tech fans will know, LG are the big players in the OLED market. Although they are not the only company to produce the technology. A couple of years back SAMSUNG put out the curved OLED TV and quickly pulled it from shelves. Also SONY in fact were the first to dabble with OLED technology. They had released a very small OLED monitor, but now only offer OLED screens to the film and medical industries. Anyway its still not clear as to who will be providing APPLE with this hardware, but it is coming! One thing is for sure there wont be a disturbance in APPLE'S force touch feature. Expect Apples OLED to skip the 7 and make an appearance on the 7s late 2016. I would say that it will be worth the wait. I wonder if they will up the resolution? 

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Sony Launch - YouView App...finally

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