The Best 2 in 1 Laptop 2018 - Dell XPS 13

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The Dell LATITUDE 7390 2 in 1 has a Matt touch finish. Which gives a slightly rubberized feel & an instant first impression of "This thing could handle some serious wear and tear". Dell have used have also used premium materials like magnesium alloy to enhance it's durability even further.

This model includes some awesome hinges that allow you to flip the screen all the way round. Hence the name 2 in 1.
When you flip the screen over it automatically turns the user interface into tablet mode. Which can then be used in either landscape or portrait mode, thanks to a built in accelerometer. The keyboard keys are automatically switched off in tablet mode...if you were wondering.

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I must say when using this screen as a
tablet it is even more impressive. It's quite rare to see a tablet of this size and ratio. It's a really nice experience. The stylus also adds to Dell Latitude 7390's usability. I'll talk a bit more about that later. But check this out...It's magnetic. I like that!

The screen on this XPS 7390 is 13" full HD IGZO IPS panel with a 170 degree viewing angle. You can also get a QHD+ version if you want to upgrade. Dell have used Gorilla Glass 4 which make its touch screen resistant to scratches. In fact 10 times more scratch resistant than soda lime glass. You see this glass on almost all the flagship smartphones out there today.

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What's interesting here about the LATITUDE 7390 is that Dell have managed to squeeze this 13" computer into the frame of a 12". Making it perfectly portable, powerful and durable in super compact package. In fact Dell say this is the smallest 13" 2 in 1 laptop known to man...right now. When using this in laptop mode its chiclet keyboard is backlit the keys have a really nice tactile feel. Quite satisfying really.

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I'm also a fan of the USB C charger. I know it's not a big deal but it does have little LED's on the end.You know those annoying times when you just want to find the right cable for your laptop, but your only willing to use minimum effort.... and it takes forever. Then you finally find it. then you realise its not plugged in...well with this simple idea, you can avoid this headache. A brilliant idea.

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This latest version of the LATITUDE 7390 is now 10% faster than previous models. Now this thing is built for business. So of course it needs to be up to spec. So let's talk about the specs.

This version right here has an 8th gen i7 1.90GHz with an 8MB cache & 16GB of DDR4 ram...if you don't know what this all means...It means it boots up fast and it performs task fast and it has amazing a multitasking capabilities. As for storage it has a class 20 256GB solid state drive. Which means no moving parts and much faster loading times. As for colours the XPS is very impressive and I've seen a lot of laptops. This one has a 70% colour gamut and a 1000 : 1 contrast ratio & 400 nits of brightness. So what does this even mean? Well you get amazing brightness, amazing colour and really dark darkness.

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The Dell Latitude 7390 houses a lot of ports and Dell offer a lot of addons if you want to extend them further. On board is an audio jack, a SIM card tray, an micro SD slot, a usb 3.1, an RJ45 port, a Noble wedge lock slot, an HDMI output port, 2 USB C ports.

One of these USB C's is particularly special. It is display port for outputting the screen to another pc or monitor. It is also used for charging the computer and you can even use the laptops power to charge another device.

The DELL Latitude 2 in 1 has a widescreen HD 720 selfy cam with dual array microphone for those all important Skype calls. The battery life is also pretty outstanding. With up to 19hrs battery life. You even get an additional Dell power companion to to extend the on time to over 32 hrs.

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So let's start with the Active pen. Now Dell have joined forces wit Wacom who are a global leader when it comes to this stuff. The active pen can sense 2084 levels of pressure. Which makes it perfect for artists and designers. Also it's a really good tool for taking notes or even just browsing the web. It's pretty awesome. Also the Dell screen can detect palm touches when drawing or writing so no need to worry about that. The touch screen has 10 point detection. Which could be useful when gaming. The mouse pad works really well and has some really nice features. The built in sound quality is also pretty good for a small computer. Sounds good to me.

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Overall the Dell Latitude 13" 2 in 1. Is definitely one to keep an eye on if your shopping around for a high quality compact laptop. If you want to check out the latest prices I've left a link in the description below. Would I recommend this over it's comparable competitors?
I would highly recommend this one just based off of the build quality and specs, then on top of that you get the stylus and tablet functionality. What's not to like?

So that's it! Go check it out .