Flic Smart button - What can you do with a Click of a Flic?

So imagine you had one button to rule all your apps. One button to find them, and if you have smart home devices one button to bring them all to life, and in the darkness bind them... or maybe you could simply just turn your lights on with it.

So how smart do need to be to control a smart home? Well I guess it depends on who you speak to. If you asked me if it I'd say it really doesn't get much easier then this

So what exactly can you do with one or two flics? Probably more than you can possibly imagine. I think a better question is what can you not do? 

Using the flic smart button paired with your mobile phone you can unleash the power of any app and even stack them using IFTTT. For example with a single press of a Flic you can switch off your alarm clock, order a pizza and switch on your TV. The Perfect solution for the day after a big night out, and you barely had to lift a finger and your sorted. 

This example is quite simply the tip of the iceberg. The flic smart button has so much potential when it comes to smart devices. Imagine you walk through your door you flip the switch.. Switch the flip... I mean push the flip & your entire smart home springs to life. Your TV turns on, you lights turn on, your WiFi speakers kick in and so on... But you know what the first thing I did was...

I set it to make a fart noise on my phone and stashed amongst a bunch of people lol. 

OK in all seriousness now. There are so many practical uses for the flip. You can use it in your car to answer and make calls, send your location to your contacts in case of emergencies. Use it to find your phone and so much more. 

Also Flic are working on an IR blaster called the flic hub so that the flic can also work with non WiFi devices in the future, and if you want to support the Indigogo campaign follow this link