Honor View 20 Vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Camera Comparison

Honor have just launch their latest flagship phone the Honor View 20. The world’s first smartphone with the 48MP ultra clarity camera. That sounds good right, but just how good is it? Well I made you guys a video so you can judge for yourself. It the WhatGear Honor View 20 Vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera shootout

This what you've been looking for the Honor View 20 Vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera tests / camera comparison. Can the Honor V20 48MP camera stand up to one of the best smartphones on 2019 the #Mate20pro. We shall find out in this camera shootout in Dubai! To check out all the photos from the video in more detail take a look at the slideshow below.

So it's another Camera Comparison video the Honor 8X Vs Honor 10 Lite. Both of these Honor smartphones are around the same price. The #Honor10Lite is slightly newer and has an awesome 24mp AI front camera. So it's Honor AI Camera Vs AI Camera. Which one wins in this camera comparison?

So you might be thinking what is the difference between the Honor 8X and the Honor 10 Lite... and you want to know which one is better? This video will explain all.

It's another WhatGear camera comparison! Honor 10 Vs Oneplus 6 Camera Test. Both are amazing phones but which one wins when it comes to photos, video & audio?

It's one of the 1st phones of 2019 with the bullet-hole design! Check out The Honor View 20 features and specification. This is the FLAGSHIP for 2019...but is it good? Watch this 1st impressions and summary of some of highlights and awesome features.

Can a phone that costs under £250 beat the excessively expensive iPhone XS? I found out at the London MCM Comic convention. Watch this camera shootout video of the HONOR 8x Vs iPHONE XS to find out which one will win? You can answer the questions polls to voice your opinions, and see what everyone else thinks