JBL Pulse 3 does it sound good?

Today I'm looking at the JBL pulse 3. Heres a little fact for you if you're considering a similar speaker from another brand. James Bullough Lancing aka JBL have been in the audio game since 1946 and really specialise in professional audio equipment like those massive speakers you see at Glastonbury... And even Ferrari use @JBLaudio speakers in their current line up of luxury cars.

The pulse 3 is free of wires. It has three 40mm transducers that delivers 20 watts of power & a frequency response 65Hz to 20kHZ. The Pulse 3 offers you not just a beautiful 360 degree musical experience but also an impressive colourful led light show. There's nothing quite like a little light music to set the party off right? 

So as you know it's quite difficult for you to gauge the sound quality from the video. So you're going to have to trust me on this one. The clarity it's very good. The acrylic casing around the majority of the speaker adds to its resonance and enhances the low end sounds. The 360 audio amplification is also enhanced by the flask like design. The passive radiators at either end are not only quite hypnotic to watch but also really bring the booms to your tunes. I really enjoy listening to this and I'm sure you will to.

So let's talk about some of the features on the JBL Pulse 3. This particular unit is an early release model here in Europe. Which means that at the moment the connect plus app hasn't been updated for the Pulse 3 yet. When it's ready you will be able to use the app to customise the audio eq and the light show patterns. If you happen to have 2 of these you can even set them up as stereo left and right channels. You will also be able pair the pulse 3 with over 100 other JBL Connect plus devices. All which can play from a single source... And that sounds like a good feature to me.

So you can mix and match your JBL Connect plus products. For example I have the JBL Flip 4 and by simply pushing the connect plus button on the device they will connect together. It's really that easy. Not only can you sync the audio but you can also sync the light show patterns across your pulse 3's. One more cool feature I should mention, if you want to quickly change the lights to another pattern/colour you can simply pick and shake it.

The Pulse 3 uses Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX which basically means you get a much better Bluetooth streaming experience than older portable devices. So of course because this is a heavyweight hitter of a portable speaker it does need some considerable power. Inside the JBL Pulse 3 is a 6000mah battery that takes around 4.5 hours to charge and will last up to 12hrs continuous playing with the impressive led light shows. The Pulse 3 weighs in at around 960 grams and is built to stand vertical with the dimensions being approx 22cm tall and 9cm wide. It's presence will not go unnoticed.

So I really think this a perfect speaker if your going on a beach holiday. The build quality with its acrylic, rubber and tight weave mesh makes this thing incredibly durable and it can resist dust and sand... And its IPX7 rating means it's waterproof... Now I know what you wanna see, so I threw it in the pool check out the video 

Now let's look at the on board controls and ports. It has a power button, volume controls, a play and pause button. Bluetooth button a JBL connect plus button, and a dedicated button to switch the light patterns. It also has 5 leds to indicate exactly how much battery life is left. Underneath this rubber flap is its USB b charging port and an analogue input. It has everything you need to proceed with your listening experience.

So one more cool feature that will be available through the JBL Connect app is that you can set the pulse 3 to work with Google assistant and apple's siri. Turning it essentially into a smart home device. A good feature I hear you say!

That's it for this JBL pulse 3 #WhatGear Review and this is a world's first for me. This is the 1st time I have reviewed a product before its official release date. I want to say huge thank you to JBL for that, you guys are legendary. Also a big thank you to you to you for watching/reading this review. I just want to say One last thing... doesn't this kind of resemble one those precious stones from Indiana Jones Temple of doom...?

 Anyway I believe this a great sound investment you should definitely go and check this one out. 

So I was lucky enough to be invited into the exclusive press only JBL #IFA2017 booth. It was easier getting through airport security than it was getting in here. I eventually did get in & It was awesome! Watch this video as I guide you through the new JBL 2017 line up.