Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds

The 1st thing you probably want to know is, how do the Libratone Track+ headphones sound? The way I see it when it comes to headphones there's really 4 things that matter. Number 1 is sound, 2 build quality, 3 comfortability & 4 awesome features. 

libratone track plus review 1.jpg
libratone track+ review.jpg

The Sound for your £££

I've heard many...many headphones. So I'll give you my opinion here on the Libratone track plus. Really good clarity, it's not too sharp at the high ends...and the bass is impressive when you turn on the extra bass mode on through the app. Definitely in the top tier of in-ear headphones that I've tried. It does support aptx which will help deliver a higher quality sound over Bluetooth thanks to Qualcomm.

Build Quality & Comfort

The Libratone track + are incredibly well built. You can watch my unboxing video to see my 1st impressions. Even the sound when the earbuds clash together sounds premium. The Track+ feel very rugged. The cables are rubberised which makes them more comfortable against your skin, and rubber finished cables keep them tangle free...which is good! It really doesn't feel like these are the type of headphones that will stop working the 1st time you snag them on something. Also, Libratone has gone out of their way to make these headphones meet the IPX4 requirements. so yes splash & dust resistant... which is good.

I'm also a fan of the weight distribution. Now don't get me wrong these are not heavy at all...but they do have a little weight in all the right places. What do I mean by that? The left & right body units make sure the headphones don't move around to much when your if you are on the move they will sit comfortably around the back of your neck without the cables bouncing around. Which of course makes them great for workouts.

Ease Of Use

libratone track plus controls.jpg

The positioning of the button controls is perfect! They are really easy to find thanks to large raised plus & minus and circle symbols...which are a nice touch. They are also really tactile, so you know you've pushed them when you've pushed them. The Libratone app also works really well. It's easy to use and well presented and intuitive. I'll be honest the first thing I did was increase the bass levels...but that's just me.  In the Libratone app, you also have the option to adjust ANC between the 8 different levels. There are more cool features in the app that I'll explain in the next section.

Awesome features

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Now let's talk about something. The city mix smart anc. The Track+ has dual mics to assist with anc. For those of you that might be wondering what (ANC) active noise canceling basically takes the ambient noise from your surroundings and plays them in reverse phase over your music.... creating a noise canceling effect. This is perfect It works really well on planes, trains, and automobiles.

There's another really cool feature that will help in these scenarios. it's the Libratone Track+'s headphones ability to connect to another set of Libratone headphones via the app. So you can basically share your audio with someone else who is in range of your device. First thing I thought... This would be amazing for watching films when you don't need one of those annoying audio jack splitters.

What does City Mix Smart do? well if you go for a run you don't want to find yourself getting hit by a bus due to your new amazing ANC capabilities. The track + plus headphones will adjust noise canceling levels so that you can remain aware of your surroundings automatically. Or you can bypass the CityMix Smart by using the app or select ANC levels with a quick click of the center button. A nice feature if I do say so myself.

Another really cool feature. There's motion-sensing technology that can detect when they are not being used. So yes they'll automatically turn themselves off...saving your battery life.

libratone track+ specs

Really these are an impressive set of earbuds. The only room for improvement that I can see is...maybe a USB charger would have improved the already impressive charging speed...and maybe Libratone could have thrown in a carry case... Apart from that the Libratone track+ are an awesome choice not just for sports but also for commuting or just chilling.