Welcome back to another WhatGear quicky leak. And heard the finish company Nokia are not finished in the phone market just yet. The word on the Street is they have now partnered with HMD global and will be relaunching the brand with around a 500 million marketing spend behind them.

There are apparently going to be three new models announced at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. So I'm excited but mostly about the Flagship and here's what we might see from its tech specs...

A 2k amoled display surrounded by a full metal jacket. The phone is rumoured to be waterproof and dust resistant. Inside we can hope to see the latest quallcom snapdragon 830 which is rumoured to support up to 8gb ram. I would be impressed with anything above 4. As for storage 64gb and 128gb versions are likely and I'm sure Nokia will leave a space for an sd card slot which means plenty of room for aggressive expansion.

I'll tell what I used to love about Nokia... You could write out a full text message without even looking at the screen... Just with button pushes. It's was Sort of like a more modern day morse code in a way. Could try recreate that somehow. Also I loved the changeable faceplates & the ring tone creator... and they were super durable... Anyway I digress too much.

So back to specs.... And as for the shooters it will be interesting to see what approach they take. Will they it make a dual camera setup? Or maybe they'll half inch a 23mp sensor from Sony. We shall see. So what do you think... are Nokia finished or do you think they'll cross the finishing line in 2017 in 1st place... Let me know in the comments below.