Get a 2nd Screen for your iPHONE 7 - The Oaxis Ink Case i7

So have you ever wanted a second screen for your phone? Well look no further. Make use of that unused space at the back of your phone with the Oaxis Ink Case i7!

This is a very unique gadget but who is this for? Well allow me to explain... This second iPhone screen is primarily for those of you enjoy reading. I heard they say readers are leaders & up until this point the leaders in the e ink e reader market has to be the Amazon Kindle but there's has been an Awakening.

Oaxis have devised a gadget that doubles up as protective phone case and an e reader on back of your iPhone.

It holds it's on charge so even when you're out of power on your handset you can read on. It also has it's own on board interface and button controls which work independently from your phone.

Now what really makes this great is the fact that it uses e ink. The only time the Oaxis ink case consumes power is when it changes it's display or when your transfer images of text to it over Bluetooth. Which means it's battery can last up to...

It does bulk up the phone a little bit but you gotta way up the pros and cons. I think of you are a reader the pros way out weigh the cons. So some of the great uses for this 2nd screen is it's ability to rip books or text straight from your device and store them locally on the Oaxis. Maybe you could store important contact information or directions just in case your phone dies and you need to find your way.