Oneplus 6 Unboxing & First Impressions!

"You know what you need?.. You need a phone with the speed you need" Troy - WhatGear

So the OnePlus 6. The most powerful but yet affordable competitors to the likes of Apples iPhone X and Samsungs S9. This really might be THE FLAGSHIP KILLER.

snapdragon 845.jpg

Let me tell you why. OnePlus have worked very closely with Qualcomm to tailor this phone for the very latest & greatest mobile processor known to man... At the moment ... The snapdragon 845.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 makes the OnePlus 6 come alive. With this phone now delivering 30% more speed and 10% more efficiency. This AWESOME processor is assisted by a crazy amount of ram. With the OnePlus 6 models sporting up to 8gigs.

dash charge.jpg

What does that mean to a non techy person... Well it means you can run loads of apps in the background and the phone won't slow down. The energy efficiency of Qualcomms 845 silicon will massively improve performance even when using the most demanding apps & and it will evwn make your battery last longer. The Oneplus 6 also supports Oneplus's Dash charge for lightning fast charging. Which is one of the fastest in the game.

You've also now got this massive 6.2" Optic Amoled screen. Similar size to that seen on my Note8 (6.3"). With Qualcomms Adreno Graphics processor behind it.

OnePlus even give you a special Gaming mode option to boost the performance of that Qualcomms graphics processor.

Then you got this... the notch. Now I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but listen hear real quick. I doesn't matter if you don't like the notch, because you can switch it off. That is a one up for oneplus... Eat that apple.

oneplus 6 notch.jpg

So let's look at the design here. Front & back Gorilla Glass 5, but what's interesting here is that on the white/gold and black matt versions you also have a glass back. The crazy thing about this is that they don't feel like glass at all. This is down to the design process used on the oneplus 6. OnePlus have made loads of little dimples in the glass to give it that textured feeling.

Why would they do that I hear you say? Well they done this way to enhance its ability to receive mobile signals. With glass having more conducive properties than ceramic or metal... And check this out. I heard the Ltd edition white version has crushed pearl dust mixed in with the glass. I must admit it looks really classy.

oneplus 6 cameras.jpg

Now let's take a quick look at the cameras. I'm not going to go too in depth about them now because I'm going to film a specific video on that at a later date. You've got two Sony sensors and a dual camera setup, with both being f. 1.7 and now one of then supports OIS. Which was a response to Oneplus's fans requests. The Selfy cam is 16mp which is just epic, when you compare it to its rivals.

Anyway the last couple of things that I really love on the OnePlus 6 are... The alert slider just makes switching between sound modes so easy. The Oxygen OS skin that works seamlessly over the Android Oreo platform... And I heard you can even test drive Android P early if you get yourself a OnePlus 6... And I heard that the OnePlus 6 fingerprint reader is one of the fastest in the game! Last but not least. If your a business man you might have two phones. Why bother when you can get a OnePlus 6 with a dual slim tray.