Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 - 5G Is The Future!

5G speeds

Welcome back another whtgear word on the street. Qualcomm have completed the next step in mobile phone chipsets. Enter the Snapdragon 845 & X50 5G modemNow what does this mean for you and me? Well we are talking about fibre like speeds wirelessly with really low latency, right there in your pocket.

How much faster than 4G are we talking about here? 5G will be around 86% faster than what most of us are currently using and that's insane.

Right now a bunch of mobile operators in Italy have been trial running this...and it works. We are talking about up to 1Ghz download speeds ...which lets be honest...is faster than most people's physical broadband connections.

Could this be the beginning of the end of home broadband as we know it? So what does this mean for us in our day to day lives.

Microsoft Snapdragon 5G

Qualcomm are also working with Microsoft and some other personal computer manufacturers on laptops and hybrid tablets that run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors instead of the usual Intel and amd chips. So basically no matter were you are your personal computer will always be connected.

So no more logging into annoying coffee shops open Wi-Fi and getting bottlenecked speeds & being bombarded by annoying junk mail for using them. It'll be as simple as just opening your computer and immediately you can crack on with your work emails or watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

Now with these new 5G super powers. We are likely to see massive leaps and bounds in IOT and in the automotive industry & it's not like Qualcomm are new to this. In fact they have been working with car manufacturers for about 15 years now... with in car 2g/3g connectivity.

qualcomm 5g for car

But here's the interesting part... just look at how much more stuff is possible when 4G & 5G comes in to play. We are talking about a whole new world of possibilities. It's projected that in fact 3/4 of cars in 2024 will have cellular connectivity.

snapdragon in cars

So you probably already know this but most of those high end flagship smartphones out there right now are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and Qualcomm adreno graphics processors.

Now check this out... I hear a lot of car manufacturers have signed up to have their new infotainment systems powered by Snapdragon and other Qualcomm chips.

I heard that Qualcomm have designed a new chip for the automotive industry called the C-V2x. They're already trail running this with a few big new names that you'll probably recognise some... What does this chip do? Check this out. We are talking about being able to predict where cars and pedestrians are. As well as communicate with your cars surroundings such as traffic lights and crossings.

qualcomm cv2x chip

You know with this kind of tech and connectivity self driving cars be commercially available are coming probably sooner than you think.

Essentially what Qualcomm are trying to incorporate as much as possible into a single piece of silicone and make it is as small as possible. And I must say they are doing it really well at it.

I heard we might see the end of SIM cards in the near future because this can be integrated onto the snapdragon. Essentially freeing up more space for smartphone manufacturers. I hear it's probably just a matter of time before this actually happens. 

snapdragon 845 review

Also you probably didn't realise this but in fact Qualcomm chips also have a massive impact on your multimedia experiences. With technologies like the Qualcomm AQstic amp for bigger sound from you smartphones and tablets. As well as the AptX for enhanced audio and the new Qualcomm  truewireless tech that allows for system on chip ear buds. That are truly wireless as the name would suggest.

There's really so much going on over at Qualcomm and I'm super excited to see what they can do next. So here's a question for you... with so much already being included on the Snapdragon processor what else do you think they could Integrate into it in the future?

Leave a comment and let me know what think will be next?