Why buy a Steelseries Rival 700

So why buy a steelseries rival 700? Well there's quite a few good reasons why...

The main one for me is the fact that it has the pixart 3360 sensor which is commonly known as the finest mouse sensor known to man. Also it has Tactile feedback... Which works certain games. Counter Strike Go for example. The great thing about this feature is that you can configure different vibration patterns, to alert you to different events. For example headShot, low ammo, low life..Which means you can keep your eyes glued to the game play and not in game feed. But the question still remains how do you kill that which has no life? 

Also the Organic light emitting diode screen on the side is a nice touch... For spectators. It gives it a little more bling than the rival 700s rivals. Using the steelseries software you can customise what it displays, and you can also have it display game stats which works well for CS Go... And It's almost as if it were made specifically for CS Go.

The rival 700 also has prism rgb back lighting behind the scroll wheel and logo on the back. These organic lights can be customised and can display 19.8million different colours. Which makes it wonderfully colourful .

As for comfortability it's got a unique style and shape. The button positionings are good all but one... Which is button 6, which is switched off by default probably for that reason it is hard to reach, but it could be handy for something... Still trying to figure that out.

The CPI button is placed nicely so that you don't hit it by accident and you can switch between two settings which you can custom configure between 100 and 16000 CPI.

The Scroll wheel is smooth and just feels nice. It registers perfectly each click Regardless of your scrolling speed and can be clicked down. There's a lot of custom tweaks you can do with this mouse using the software. But ain't nobody got time for that right now. I suggest you do a bit of reading on that.

So my overall opinion... I really like it. It's a bit flashier than some, it's a bit heavier than some at 135grans. But performance wise it's very very good. style wise it's awesome and when your friends glance over at your OLED screen they can see just how awesome your doing and you will know thanks to its good vibrations... And it just might help you kill that which has no life.