Virtual Reality tour of THE WHITE HOUSE - Take a look around

Step into 2015 Holidays at the White House with the first ever 360 virtual tour.


So you might have seen our #360video / video's the we put out. You might also we wondering exactly how to use them? well join the GamesMaster (Troy) from WhatGear as he explains all.

Google Jump - First 6 Videos

So as you might know if your subscribed to WhatGear. We create a fair bit of 360 content. Which we capture using the Pixpro Kodak SP360. 

A while back we heard about the Google Jump which basically tethers together 17 GoPros. We applief to be one of the pioneers for this new tech. Unfortunately we were shutdown/denied. So anyway I've been keeping an eye out for this and here it is. Some of the worlds first 360 video footage from Google Jump.

While the scenary is quite impressive. I have to say some of the stuff we've done with our Kodak is definitely more fun. What did you think of the videos?

If you have the time, check out some WhatGear 360 content.

The first video on our 360 Video playlist is how to use 360 videos. If you want to watch the 360 videos using the gyroscope or cardboard. Follow this link WhatGear 360 Video Playlist

Trafalgar Square London - 360 Video

Welcome to one of the first 'WhatGear Woz Ere' videos. This 360 video captured at one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Yes its Trafalgar Square right outside the National Portrait Museum. Check it out!