Have you heard of 4K? What about 48K... Check it out here

So Sony are out pioneering once again with another WORLDS FIRST. This time they have managed to harness the power of 12 Xperia Z5 Smartphones & 8 well known instagrammers to put together this unique video.

All this took place at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Grenoble, home to the largest skiable glacier in Europe. 

The Xperia Z5 has many attributes but SONY put a key focus on its Camera tech. With super fast auto focus, X5 Digital zoom at the disposal, the well known instagrammers put the Z5 to the test...Not sure why I wasn't invited though.

Instagrammers who took part included - @akusepp, @le_petit_francais,@christianmcld, @mesvoyagesaparis, @s_timmung,@ahtlaqdmm, @peppyhere and @berriestagram. 

So here it is the Worlds First 48K 360 video. There is only one problem. YouTube will not allow a video upload of 48K. Which means SONY had no option other than to upload in 4K, which is far more than ok by todays standards. I'm sure one day when 48K becomes the norm we will see this video in its entirety. For now check this out and don't forget to use the little arrows in the top corner to look around .

Also if you're interested in seeing how I got on with the Xperia Z5 on my mission to Google HQ London. You can check this video out. Xperia Z5 Vs Oneplus 2 - Camera Test . It was a good day and a fun little experiment.

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