4 Player Airsoft Co-op - The Billet, Ambush Adventures

This video is shot in realtime. Using 3 Gopro's & 1 SONY Actioncam. I was using the Actioncam. The mission was to stay alive and defend the barrack for as long a possible. Check out exactly how it went down. Also I added a running commentary explaining what was happening throughout the battle. Check it out...

So have been promising to put this video together for a while. I threw this together real quick just to see if you guys like it. If you do I'll do my best to put more content out like this in the future. If you like this video and you would like to see part two jet me know.


AV Dave Vs The GamesMaster @AmbushAirsoft The Billet, Aldershot, England Who will win? You can watch the entire days events and the real competition here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDhDm5vqoO7atL-8VBJevQmP80RfjhYgx There were painful consequences in store for the loser of the @iFit Challenge.