Apple Store to stock Devialet Phantom!

Have you heard it? Its AMAZING news the Phantom will coming to an APPLE Store near you soon! 

If you have been following WhatGear for some time you will know that I am a big fan of the Devialet. In particular the space aged speaker that goes by the name of the PHANTOM. It is truly unique and I could go into a detailed spiel about it...but I won't because here is a video I made earlier...


This is a GROUND breaking bit of kit from a french company. Engineered to perfection. This really takes wireless speakers to a whole new level. If you get a chance to actually hear one of these I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

Devialet enjoyed this video so much so that I actually got invited to the exclusive press event in Shoreditch. Where we got exclusive access to meet developers and designers from Devialet. It was great experience and you know what... I think WhatGear might have some of the worlds only video content from that day. You might see pics elsewhere but nothing like this. I also got to meet the CEO of the company who didn't seem to like my Napoleon joke. I just wish I had prepared a few more questions.