Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4 Trophies Leaked

The much anticipated remake of the classic Final Fantasy 7 is almost upon us. It was actually scheduled for a November release. The PEGI rating has just been leaked online as well as the Trophy list. If you wan to check them out click here.

Watch what WhatGear got up to at the London exclusive Launch * Check out what Jason Bradbury had to say about WhatGear WhatGear were in attendance at London's RoundHouse in Camden Town for the Halo launch! It was an amazing event check out what the GamesMaster (Troy) and Audio Video Dave (AV Dave) got up to at the RoundHouse.

This video is in real time. We made our last stand in the bathroom area of an old abandoned military barracks. See exactly how it went down. Watching it back I noticed that at 6:50 I actually saved Lewis while he was checking his kit. Chalk that one up for me.