Why Buy Focal listen headphones?

So listen, hear, real quick... What do you do with headphones... You listen. Here in lies the very reason why you might want to buy Focal listen headphones.

For those of you who don't know the French company Focal. You should probably know they been around for around 40 years making high end audio equipment... Based out of Saint ettiene in France. Focal have designed these the premium Focal listen headphones just for you.

The design

The Focal listens are largely made of durable, flexible plastics with brushed metal ear cups. Across the headband is fair bit of Focal branding and on the earpieces and a really nice metallic focal logo, which looks good to me. Also it has small print across the earpieces for those of you who like the finer details.

I really like the look of the earpieces on these. The red finish on the material that covers the drivers gives it a really nice contrast.

The headphone jack screws in locking it tight & I think this will reduce any damage if you happen to snag the cable by accident. I had some beats by dre once that got messed up like that. The cable is very stylish and feels really premium and robust. It has a built in omni directional mic with a chrome trim and separate multi function remote control... Which I really like the look of.

The Focal Listens are designed to used on the go and the fact that they compact down nicely to fit into its nicely designed neoprene pouch makes it very easy to travel with. One little improvement I think these could use is having the left and right markings a little easier to see. Apart from that a tres bon design here.


So the listen has nice design features that should comfort you. It has a soft touch headband and heat-sensitive, very high-density memory foam earpieces. Which should enclose your ears ENTIRELY offering a sort of noise cancelling effect.

And Of course you adjust the height of the headband to fit you perfectly. I've been using these for while now and I must say they are quite like weight and seem to have a firm grip. Which could make them good for casual exercise. The location of the omnidirectional mic is perfect and I've never encountered a problem with it getting in the way.

On the sound quality.

So if you're a WhatGear subscribers you probably already know I have had quite a few headphones lately. So I think I've got a pretty good ear for them now. The Focal Listens have 40mm mylar titanium coated drivers. Do they sound good... well yes they do... They sound very to me. The fact that the earpieces really isolate your ears so well really helps you focus on the finer details of the music. You get a really dynamic sound from each one of these drivers. I guess you could call them a dynamic duo.

But listen for those of you who love heavy bass you won't be disappointed here. Although focal have really focused more on tonal balance as opposed to amped up low end frequencies. I like to listen to all kinds of music. and I must say the listens sound good all round and especially crisp when playing high res audio.