WhatGear Unboxing - iPhone 6s Vs OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 The Flagship Killer unboxing check out more WhatGear videos like this. Follow links are below iPhone 6s Unboxed - https://youtu.be/MW-JPnFPxBk HTC M10 Leaked - https://youtu.be/8VmjqEbBsO0 iPhone 7 Leaked - https://youtu.be/1a7FRw-5gwU


GOLD iPhone 6s unboxed WhatGear style! * Check out my reactions to unboxing this Apple product Also you should check out... 80 inch Adroid projector unboxed : https://youtu.be/dPokRLfLFqQ HTC M10 Leaked : https://youtu.be/8VmjqEbBsO0

iPhone 6s Gold Unboxing

Check it out. I got hands on with the new iPhone 6s Gold. See what my first impressions were and what I thought of the experience. I do like gooooold :)

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