The BEST JBL Headphones - JBL Everest 700 Elite

JBL are awesome and why do I say that I hear you say. Well first off the make awesome audio equipment and second of all. They sent me a bunch stuff to review just for you guys the WhatGear subscribers.

So this is it the top of the range at present. The JBL Everest 700 Elite are taking on the likes of the Sony MDR1000x and Bose quiet comfort. So how they match up? Having heard both I would say... Very very well.



The initial look and feel of these headphones instantly gives you a sense of a premium product. On closer inspection it stays consistent. These headphones are incredibly sturdy. The shape of the JBL Everest 700 in nothing out of the ordinary but I really do love the low key stealthy style. I'm not into the big flashy branding seen on some other well known brands so these are perfect for me.

The hanger on the headphones is nicely padded. It's not the most padding I've ever seen on a headphone but it does the job whilst keeping the band as thin as possible. It also has an interesting locking system so that once you set the size of the band it will not accidentally slip. A good feature I must say.


everest 700 elite

The ear cushions are very soft and cup your ears comfortably. Although when these are brand new they can feel like they apply a fair bit of pressure... I guess this depends on the size of your head. Although after a bit of wearing in it becomes no longer a problem. Apart from that they are excellent


Sound Quality


In comparison to other headphones in the same price bracket I would argue that JBL 700 Elite might be one of the best. The focus for JBL on the Everest 700 seems to be audio clarity. The low levels are good but I have heard deeper bass from other brands. I personally prefer well balanced audio and clarity over heavy bass. I guess it really comes down to what you are looking for. Of course the active noise cancelling can affect your music quality slightly. So if you want to really hear what these are all about listen with the anc off.


So at first you need to figure out the button locations, and once you got that in the bag they are very user friendly. The voice audio cues will let you know what mode you're in & the light indicators will let you know when you running out of juice or in pairing mode. Due to these headphones being wireless of course it has a USB b input and just for backup it has an analogue input. The JBL application has some interesting features such a tweaking the anc levels. There is also a software option that adjusts the sound according to how you wear the headphones. I really have know idea how that feature works exactly but it sounds like a good feature to me. Overall usability is good!

WhatGear Final Thoughts

The style is perfect for me. The stealthy matt finish with just a little aluminium showing on the hanger just looks cool. The JBL Everest 700 Elite headphones are well built. If you were to chuck them in a suitcase or bag you can be confident they won't break. The sound quality is clear and loud. A good sound investment I must say. Follow this link if you'd like to pick up a set CLICK HERE

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