The JBL Flip 4 a force to be reckoned with!


So why buy the JBL flip? Who is this speaker for? Well if you're the adventurous type or you're going on holiday this might be the perfect portable speaker for you and let me tell you why.


The Flip 4 delivers a surprisingly powerful punch. I won't lie the first time I heard one of these I was amazed at its impressive clarity and its overall well balanced sound. Particularly across the mid range frequencies, and low ends. The Flip 4 has been improved from the flip3. It's s quite impressive really for a compact speaker that you can carry around in one hand like a beer can.


The flip 4 s bass is impressive and not too overpowering. I personally think that this a good thing. It delivers smooth quality bass thanks to its passive radiators at either end. Which I might add are pleasantly pleasing to watch. So when you're on the beach or by the pool it's definitely going to turn a few heads.


And this thing has a water resistant rating of IPX7 which basically means it can be submerged in up to 1 meter. But if your at sea and your ship goes down you'd better be ready. Because it will sink... but at least you can still enjoy good music until the bitter end. Lile that scene in the titanic. Maybe that's  why JBL added this wrist strap.



Anyway as for the Flip 4s design. My first impressions out of the box are... it feels incredibly durable. The Flip 4 is encased in tight weave fabric and rubber. The rubber strip runs across the back edge and this houses the power button, connect plus button and inputs which are tightly sealed under this flap. And the strip also serves another purpose... it actually stops It from rolling around. And this is useful because flip 4 is designed to sit horizontally but can be flipped upright... And maybe that's why it's called the flip.


jbl audio connect plus

The Flip 4 also now has the JBL Connect + feature. Which means you to join forces with other JBL connect + compatible speakers. For example if you have two of these you one play left and the other play the right audio channels... Or you can connect up to a hundred of these that play simultaneously ... And I actually witnessed a new world record being broken. When I heard a thousand of these portable powerhouses all playing from one source... And It was awesome... I have know idea how they did it though

And I really like this... using the JBL connect app you can reconfigure the play button to fire up Google assistant or apples siri. So your flip 4 can kinda work like an amazon Alexa. OK Google.

And you can also answer your telephone. Just so long as don't mind everyone else around you listening to your phone call. The JBL flip 4 has improved battery performance of up to 12 hours... Which is how long this video is going to end up if I keep going on about it. So what do I think. Well highly recommend this one... Sounds good to me, and it's good sound investment.

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