Nokia VR Camera is $60,000

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The OZO will have 8 camera, 8 Microphones, a 2K by 2K picture output with 45Min record time using 500GB internal Storage. All of that equals a hefty $60,000 price tag. Yes thats right its not cheap. The question is... is there such a demand that people would pay that much for the OZO?

If you have been watching WhatGear Reviews you will know we are always putting out 360 videos from London and the UK. Feel free to take a look. What are your thoughts on 360 video and is it the future of the TV and Film industry? 

One last thing doesn't the OZO look like that Jedi Lightsaber training device from Star Wars? and on that topic, did you know that WhatGear filmed the the worlds first ever 360 videos from London Madame Tussauds

On 27th August/2015 The GamesMaster & AV Dave headed to the VR in a Bar event hosted by @VirtualUmbrella. The event brought together some of the finest minds in the VR industry bar. WhatGear were there and filmed the entire event. This is a round up video of Round 2 of VR in a Bar.

Check out how the Vive matched up against the SONY Project Morpheous. On the epic road back from the @Gamescom 2015 in Germany. The GamesMaster & AV Dave stopped of in Brussels to go in search of the finest waffles known to man. However they forgot to put enough money in the car parking meter.