Street Fight 5 - BETA live PS4

Head over the PSN store on your PS4 now and check it out. Could this be the finest Street Fighter game known to man?

Also check out these exclusive WhatGear Interviews from thus years EGX Gaming event in Birmingham.

Don't miss the Playstation Live Stream from Paris Gaming week!

WhatGears got your back making sure you know what the crack is with playstation in 2016! Sony will be broadcasting live from Paris and hopefully we'll see some big announcements.

The stream goes live 27th October thats next Tuesday 6PM uk time which means its 10AM Pacific. You can watch it here and remember never cross the will reduce buffering.

I'm fully expecting to see more Uncharted 4. Anyway for now you can check out this series recap from WhatGear people seemed to like it :)

So with the next Uncharted adventure around the corner. Lets take a quick look back at the previous editions, and see what I made of the new teasers the Naughty Dog have released....

Also WhatGear will be in attendance live at the roundhouse in London's Camden town for the Xbox launch of Halo Guardians. We shall be live streaming and oh yes we will be filming in the round house in #360video...which might be another worlds first for WhatGear.

Sony trumps Microsoft again as PS4 outsells Xbox One for U.S. console sales in August - GeekWire

Sony trumps Microsoft again as PS4 outsells Xbox One for U.S. console sales in August - GeekWire

Sony topped Microsoft again for U.S. current-generation hardware sales in August as its PlayStation 4 trumped the Xbox One for the fourth consecutive month. The company has outsold Microsoft for U.S. console sales each month of 2015, with the exception of April.

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Sony Exec Defends PS4 Games Line-up for 2015 -2016

Sony Exec Defends PS4 Games Line-up for 2015 -2016


2015 seems to be an interesting year for both Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft has an amazing line up games later this year which includes the likes of Forza Motorsport 5, Halo 5 Guardians and many more. On the other hand, there does not seem to be many AAA exclusives for the PlayStation 4. Granted the console has a number of games in development, but as it stands right now there is nothing major coming out for the console soon.


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PS4 Slim...?

Sony is reportedly planning to release a slim version of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) by Oct. 4. 

At least that's the word according to the latest rumors circulating online.

Earlier this year, numerous reports appearing online suggested that if a slim version of PS4 was to be released this year, Sony would most likely announce news of it at this year's E3.

However E3 2015 came and went without Sony issuing any new word about a possible slim version of their PS4 console.

New reports now are saying that Sony held off on their news regarding the new PS4 in lieu of making that announcement this October, according to Crossmap.

People have been expecting Sony to announce a slim version of the PlayStation 4 for a while now, especially since the company has traditionally released a slim model for their previous consoles.

If a slim version of the PS4 is indeed to be announced, many are expecting that it would come with 1 TB of available space, although the rumors have stopped short of naming any other possible upgrades or changes that could be made to the console.

In related news, Sony is currently looking for PS4 owners who will be willing to try out their new software update before it is officially launched, according to the PlayStation Blog.

To be more specific, the people who will be trying out the new update will be testing its features and be giving feedback based on their experiences with it.

There are a few requirements that Sony is looking for in potential software testers and those include owning a PS4, having access to a master account and a decent enough Internet connection.

Potential software testers will also need to sign up at the official PlayStation website to be in the running to be selected for the said trial. 

How to Sign Up for the PS4 System Software Beta – PlayStation.Blog

How to Sign Up for the PS4 System Software Beta – PlayStation.Blog

Calling all PS4 fans! Before we launch our next major system software update, we’re running a beta program to test its functionality. If you’d like to get a sneak peek at the features of the new system software, and help us with feedback on ways to improve it, sign up today.

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