SONY PS-HX500 - Record Player

Today I'm looking at the PS HX500 Hi Res Audio Turntable. Which Sony say has been refined and designed to combine School Vinyl with a digital interface.

Apparently there has been a resurgence of vinly perhaps it's because 'these sound better'(the Rock) maybe it's that crackle that adds a little je nais se quois to your music (la Haine) either Sony have gone out there to cater for this niche.

So let's talk a little about plain this looks. There really is nothing particularly that jumps out at you and says this is a premium bit of kit. Other than the Hi Res sticker on the front. I do like Sony products but I have to say if that sticker is the only thing that makes this look expensive what else does it offer that we can't see.

Well this Turntable can plug into to your PC or Mac via a USB cable and has the ability to capture your favourite Vinyl music in all its former glory in an option of file formats all the way up to DSD. Which is the same quality as super audio CD for those of you old enough to remember those things.

However if you think your getting away without installing at least some Sony software your having a bubble bath ain't ya. You will need Sony's software the good news is that it will be available on Mac as well as PC.

So if your looking for a record player and when I say record I mean Vinyl. Which has been perfectly balanced with shock absorbers and can been be perfectly aligned and tweaked, and that can record as in tape... As in record...which is like right click save as... Or you could just use it as a vinyl Turntable and plug it into an amp... and listen hear quick... if you enjoyed this video hit the like button, Subscribe and you will be one of the finest subscribers known to mankind!