Xbox Vs PS4 - Official Video Cheap Shots!

Take a look at where it began. Sony putting out a video highlighting the major mistake Microsoft made leading up to the Xbox One launch. 

Fast forward to today. Microsoft have found a way to emulate the Xbox 360 inside the Xbox One. Which means they currently hold an ace up their sleeve with backward compatibility. Check out this video see what you think.

Is it a low blow? Does anyone care about backward compatibility now next gen is in full stride? Which console do you prefer and why? Let me know...

PS4 Vs Xbone 3/1 in Sony's favour

PS4 Vs Xbone 3/1 in Sony's favour

According to its latest sales figures, Sony’s consoles outsold Microsoft’s consoles three-to-one in the quarter ending June 30. During its quarterly earnings call yesterday, Sony said that it had sold a combined total of 3.5 million units of the PS4 C$479.99 at Amazon and PS3, compared to Microsoft’s quarterly figure of just 1.1 million Xbox One $369.00 at Groupon and Xbox 360 consoles. Neither Sony or Microsoft opted to break down these numbers into per-console sales figures, but using previous announcements as a baseline it’s probably around 70-30 in favor of the PS4 and Xbox One.

In short, this means Sony sold around 2.5 million PS4s last quarter, compared to about 800,000 Xbox Ones. This equates to some very unfavorable total global sales figures for the Xbox One, which we’ll discuss below.

Earlier in the week, Sony surprised everyone by announcing that it had actually made a profit [PDF] during the April-June quarter. This is mostly due to restructuring and selling off assets — Sony has spun off its TV business into a separate subsidiary, sold its PC business, and sold its shares in Square Enix — but strong sales of the PS4 definitely helped matters along. While Sony gave us a combined total of 3.5 million PS4s and PS3s sold during the quarter, the last exact PS4 sales figure (7 million) was way back in April. By our estimations, the PS4 is probably sitting at around 9 million consoles sold globally. 

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