iFit Have A Few New Tricks Up Their Sleeve!

iFit have been hard at it since our last encounter with the fitness company and had delivered a few new impressive looking products to market. So I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a run down of the current iFit wearable line up.

iFit Act

So at the bottom end of the iFit collection we have the iFit Act, it is minimalist in appearance but for just $49.00 from the iFit Shop I think you get some bang for your buck. This little device tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep, which allows you to gain insight to your daily activities and routine. The calories you consume can be logged using the iFit Track app and in conjunction with the calories burned data from the Act the iFit Track app determine your Net Calories score.

The iFit Active App is available on both the Android and iOS stores and iFit Act is only compatible wit iPhone 4S and above, the iPod touch 5th Gen and above, and Android 4.3 and above.

I used the App during the WhatGear iFit Challenge and I was pretty impressed with what it had to offer. 

The iFit Act is shipped with two separate wristbands in box, so you can with choose to receive a small and medium or a large and extra large.

  • 2 Separate Wristband Sizes Included (S+M or L+XL) 
  • Water-Resistant
  • Wireless Sync with Bluetooth® BLE Technology
  • 4-6 Month Coin Cell Battery
  • 3 LED Indicator Lights
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps Available

iFit Link

The iFit Link is a new addition to the iFit stable the clean and again minimalist look to this band looks great, the link has been decked out with MoveReady™ which automatically detects your movement patterns like walking, running, swimming, and sleeping. 

The iFit Link is decked out with four LED lights, which help you track your progress throughout the course of your day. Each light indicates 25% of the goal you have set yourself to complete, this simple display quickly tells you how you are progressing and could motivate you just that bit more to get all four of those LEDs lit up!

As with the iFit Act it is compatible with both Android and iOS but you must have the iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch 5th Gen and above, and Android 4.3 and above.

The Link's band is available from the iFit store in either black or grey as a stand alone product and costs $59. For an additional $19.99 you can add the Sports Pack which comprises of 3 additional bands that allow you to colour coordinate if you are so inclined..

  • Soft, adjustable wristband
  • Water-resistant
  • Wireless sync with Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE technology
  • Rechargeable battery via USB power stick
  • 4 LED progress lights
  • Android and iOS mobile apps available

Android 'Apple' Wear compatability maybe?

Appy days might be coming your way if you are the owner of apple device. Especially if you want to try on an adroid wear watch. So better watch carefully now and see what happens. Could this be a sign of a change in times for the two dominating phone platforms.