SONY - FES Watch

Check it out a new Sony product to go on sale soon. It's a watch. Yes it is just a watch. who would have thought Sony would release just a watch. I mean surely it's got to have some kind if motion tracking or heart rate monitoring, a camera or something...

There is something very special about this time piece. It seems that keeping things simple and stripping an idea back to the single component that makes it good,is not a bad idea. Why do I say this? Take a look at this video.

There was so much hype around this product. It did not live up to it. Although the E paper idea was fantastic in my opinion. So how about an entire watch including the strap made up of e paper. Which means you can change the look whenever you want.

This to me is wow and I would definitely wear one. I'm the owner of a Galaxy Neo smartwatch and despite all its functionality. I always leave the Bluetooth off. It drains my phone and watch batteries too quickly. I only use it for the look and to tell the time and it doesn't do that well.

What do you think of the Sony FES Watch? I personally don't like the name.