SONY Smartband 2 - Video Review

Check it out another SmartBand from SONY can they stand up the Fit -Bit. Is the perfect bit of kit to get you fit...or is it.. Anyway check out this WhatGear Review and let us know what you think! excerpt: Keep track of it all.

NEW* Another new product from Sony announced at the 2014 IFA. The Smartband talk looks cool and it can talk....I mean you talk and it just watch the video. Explained simply. Enjoy Like, Share and Subscribe Also follow @WhatGearReviews on twitter #WhatGear

WhatGear Unoxing! Epic product test ahead! iFits most advanced 3-in-1 fitness tracker, designed to help you stay active, eat healthier, and sleep better. Keep tabs on your daily movement and activity. The more you move, the more calories you burn. It's that simple.

Watch this EPIC @iFIT Challenge from WhatGear...Maybe the finest reviews known to mankind! The GamesMaster Vs AV Dave go head to head to see who can be more iFIT active at The Billet, Aldershot, England. Painful consequences loom for the loser! WATCH, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ;)