Orbitsound One P70 - Does it sound good?

So I hear that P70 might just be the one when it comes to an all in one Soundbar. However this ain't just an ordinary speaker in box. No this speaker has Orbitsound's trademark patented AIRSOUND speakers on the sides.

Why would you have side facing speakers. Well I actually got to meet with the Managing Director of Orbitsound who explained it to me... All I can say is airsound tech will blow your mind. I won't try to explain but just know this. Imagine if no matter where you sit in front of your P70 will be delivered the perfect balance of left and right audio channels.


The One P70 has quite a large footprint in comparison to Soundbars with separate subwoofers. This can be placed in front of your TV. However you might have to make some shelf space. The design of the P70 also allows it to flipped upright for self standing or wall mounting. Which really helps if you have limited space.

Also you can pop out the Orbitsound logo disc and flip it around depending on its orientation. A nice little touch for those of you with a little ocd. I'm sure an upside-down logo would drive you crazy.



If you watched my Orbitsound Bar A60 video review you will see why I love the remote. It's exactly the same remote with the P70. Check that video out here : (Orbitsound A60 Review) The P70 does have a very minimal on board display. Orbitsound have kept it simple here and that's a good thing. All you really need to know is what mode you are in and what the current volume, bass and treble levels are...and the P70 will tell you.

The on board controls are also kept to a minimum. Volume up, volume down and input mode selection. Exactly what you need. I actually own a Sony Sound base the HT XT1 and it sounds awesome but... No on board volume controls which is really frustrating. On the P70 you have exactly what you need to proceed listening will full control.


Now onto the inputs. The Orbitsound One P70 has the option of an analogue audio jack input or an optical cable input. Be that this is a stereo speaker an analogue cable will do the job. Although I think optical is the way forward. A little word of advice here. Be careful which cable you buy if you need to replace the ones in the box. As I had a problem with the connector part of my optical cable being too large. Which caused it not to be able to sit flat, I simply flipped it upright problem sorted.

Sound Quality

The Orbitsounds One P70 sounds nothing short of impressive. You get that perfect audio sweet spot wherever you sit. If you want a little more explanation of how that works you can check out this video or follow this link to Orbitsound's website.

WhatGear Final Thoughts


The P70 doesn't have quite as much raw power as the A60 largely due to it being an all in one. Although what the P70 delivers... Is a convenient design perfect for home theatre or office presentation rooms. The reproduction of music is very good and I have tested this with movies. The stereo balance is perfect no matter where you sit. Making this ideal for families.

Check out ORBITSOUND official website here!