Star Wars 7 - WhatGear Reviews

Can you force yourself to listen to some Terrible Star Wars Jokes

The WhatGear team visited the new StarWars Exhibit in Londons Madame Tussauds to film in 360°. Check out how AV Dave and the GamesMaster got on during the filming. Brace yourself for some seriously bad jokes that not even a Jedi mind trick will help you forget.

Troy 'The GamesMaster' recaps the highlights since 3K subs * Check out what Syndicate & Jason Bradbury had to say about WhatGear So here it is 4k Subscribers! We couldn't have done it without you awesome WhatGear Legendary Subscribers. Many many thanks to all of you.

So Star Wars  The Force Awakens is nearly here.  We have waited more than 10years since the last trilogy that was in fact the first trilogy...I think that makes sense. Anyway I actually have a funny story to tell you about this new movie. Although I cannot mention it yet, because all seeing eye of Disney will see me and I will likely get in trouble. However I plan to feature the story in the upcoming 5,000 WhatGeat Landmark video. WhatGear is on 4,999 at the time of writing this. Check out the WhatGear 4000 Subscriber video where I drop a little hint as to what the 5K video will be about.


The other day I was watching Coming to America and I thought how funny it would be to do a Star Wars / Coming to America Mashup. So I made it... I later found out that it has already been done but mine is better ;) check it out! Its Coming to Dagobar.

Check out Episode 1 of 'Coming to Dagobar' from * Episode 2 : Check out when WhatGear got early access to LONDONS exclusive Star Wars Exhibit : Also WhatGear got to interview the actor who played Boba Fett in the original trilogy: