Super Mario 30 Years a slave to your Nintendo - REFUGEE MARIO

Has we really seen thirty years of the happy little moustached plumber. Yes...yes it has. An overnight success it was as Master Yoda Might say, and if you haven't checked out our EXCLUSIVE 360 Video with Master Yoda himself you really should.

So Super Mario now thirty years old. What do you guys think about the progression of the character over the years?

What is your favourite Mario themed game of all time? Mine is Mario Kart and Mario Tennis on the N64. The 4 Player matches took Super Mario to another level.

While Mario has been a slave to the NINTENDO platform for so long. Do you think its about time nintendo give up the Ghost and allow the iconic plumber to feature in his own app based game maybe?

On the Subject of slaves, there are some people who may feel like that in their own countries and I came across this video...REFUGEE MARIO Pretty interesting take on the Asylum situation. Is this the best way to get your message across? certainly a little more light hearted than some of the other stuff I've seen lately, but it delivers the message just as well. What do you think?