Merge VR Review - Virtual Reality Super Vision

Powered by your smartphone which some say is more powerful than the computers that sent a rocket to the moon. Well at least that's what I heard.

The Merge VR offers you a symbiotic experience when combined with your incredibly smart phone that takes you out of this world... and into the world of VR.

The Merge VR is beautifully presented in a hard casing. On the front of the box it states for 14years + and they would have gotten away without putting it on there if wasn't for you meddling kids. On the back we have lots of product information and key features.

First impressions of the Merge is that that its actually quite surprising. At a glance it looks like rigid plastic, but it isn't. It is in fact its made from a soft touch foam which makes is quite flexible, durable, easy to clean and arguably the most comfortably VR headset known to mankind! date.


Also Merge have left space for headphone wires or even your charge cable. As well as a removable door to allow you to utilise Augmented Reality. What is that I hear you say? Watch my video on the MS Hololens to find out. Inside this visor you will see two high quality adjustable lenses. That can be calibrated perfectly so you can get precisely the perfect picture for your pupils.

I have to say when viewing VR with Merge the lenses are so good that if you're watching a less than HD quality video. You can see every individual pixel. 4K 360 videos will look stunning. But if you fancy a laugh watch me trying to start a German Mexican wave in 360 outside the Gamescom in Germany 2015.

The Merge Vr comes with an additional support strap that fits over the top of your head in case you have a particularly heavy smartphone like my oneplus 2 . Also you can get your hands on a Wii style wireless remote as an optional extra that brings you hands into play. I just want to say a big thank you to Merge VR and our friends from Virtual Umbrella for hooking this up. If you're working on anything VR related hit them up! they’ll help you out and might make you a cup of tea.

So if you're looking for maybe the most most comfortable, durable, affordable VR headset. Designed with to fit pretty much any smartphone inside and delivers a VR experience that will blow your mind.You should check out the Merge VR and that won't be problem. If you're under 14 you better ask an adult for super-vision.

On 27th August/2015 The GamesMaster & AV Dave headed to the VR in a Bar event hosted by @VirtualUmbrella. The event brought together some of the finest minds in the VR industry bar. WhatGear were there and filmed the entire event. This is a round up video of Round 2 of VR in a Bar.

Despite being shutdown and denied press entrance to the Gamescom 2015 event. The GamesMaster & AV Dave managed to get their hands on with probably the most anticipated device at the show! The HTC Vive did not fail to surprise AV how he got on inside the booth and what he made of this epic new Virtual Reality device.

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A ground breaking new technology from Microsoft! Up until now this was almost unheard of. The future looks very interesting....and even more interesting through the Hololens....check it out!