RiverSong WAVE HR Fitness Band

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Android 'Apple' Wear compatability maybe?

Appy days might be coming your way if you are the owner of apple device. Especially if you want to try on an adroid wear watch. So better watch carefully now and see what happens. Could this be a sign of a change in times for the two dominating phone platforms. 



The Wove Flexible Smartband Is Coming...

The Wove Flexible Smartband Is Coming...

Say hello to The Wove Band it is essentially a big flexible e-paper display, that has been stretched out into a bracelet. The technology is similar to what you would find in a Kindle than say the screen of a Pebble smartwatch - which is just an LCD - the e-paper tech allows the Wove to offer an always-on screen without draining the monotone's wearable battery.

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