WIN a FREE Xperia X Smartphone!

WhatGear are paying it forward...although we are not that far ahead...yet! Here is your chance to win WhatGear's most valuable giveaway to date, which is todays date ;) To win it's quite simple really. Just watch this video and that will explain everything.

Finally I got hands on with SONY's Xperia X smartphone! The 23MP camera on the Xperia X cleverly predicts the next move. So you can catch all of life's great moments. *It's another game of spot the spelling mistake in the video ;) Capture the most unpredictable scenes in sharp detail thanks to Predictive Hybrid Autofocus on the new Xperia X.
Competition link : Here we have another WORLDS 1st #WhatGear Compare & Contrast Camera Comparison test. Yes thats right Im testing the cameras on the HTC 10, Xperia X & Huawei P9. Which one will win? Check out the video and let me know what you think!
It's a new series from WhatGear 'Thoughts & Feelings on the Phone Four Weeks Later Freestyle'. Its basically just me talking about the phone having used it for four weeks. I would love you feedback on this video and let me know what you want to see next.